Saturday, September 02, 2006


the bottom of my face kinda looks like this guy's. you all know bubbles. [okay, all of you except maybe the floridians.] yep, i'm about two steps away from asking ricky and julian to protect me from the samsquanch.

last night i slept in 2 three to four hour chunks. in the middle i was up for about 45 minutes putting ice on my face and gobbling t3's. i see the faint appearance of a second bruise, which i'm just tickled over. the first one appeared yesterday evening. now i have one on each side of my jaw.

i tried sleeping on my back to minimize the pain, but i couldn't fall asleep.

i have been feeling a little nauseous since last night. i think it's just nerves about dry socket since my dentist's office is closed.

i love my bag of frozen peas. holding it to the left side of my face is heaven.

in an hour the pharmacy opens and i can go get some more painkillers! hooray!


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