Friday, September 01, 2006


i called my dentist to see if they were open tomorrow. the person who answered the phone not only couldn't really speak english but did not say anything that would indicate they were answering the phone at a dentist's office.

apparently they will not be open after today until after the long weekend. they did not notify me of this nor did they notify the people who picked me up when i was all out of it yesterday.

however, all the literature they gave me says things like call whenever you have the littlest question no big deal or if you even think you have dry socket, come right to the office.

i mean, expected them to be closed monday or even sunday, but saturday?!?!?!? come on!

so i asked what i should do if i think i have dry socket and was told that it apparently takes 7-8 days to get dry socket, so not to worry. is it just me or does that seem wrong? then, i asked what i should do if i needed more medication for my pain. i was told that the 20 pills they gave me would be sufficient until tuesday. i explained to the receptionist that i seem to have a tolerance towards the pills as they don't do a lot. i've already taken probably about 11 pills since i came home from the surgery, so she said she would call my pharmacy and get a prescription refill arranged.

so hopefully she does.

i'm also a little nervous as i get the occasional numb tingling on the left side of my face like it's falling asleep.

okay, so maybe annoyance isn't the right word.


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