Saturday, September 23, 2006

a little of my mind and days

so, yeah, i've made my way to florida, finally.

life's pretty darn good.

you know 'bout the raconteurs already so there's that sweet piece of finery.

last night we went for dinner with andrew and theresa. it was so nice to see them, as it's been a while. we ate at el cap before they went to see the reverend horton heat. i finally had one of my coveted greasy hamburgers accompanied by a nice cold amber bock. the waitress carded us and asked me if i had a real ID. i explained i was from canada and pointed out my date of birth. she seemed skeptical, but still brought me the beer.

today, we went to a dealership to look at cars since joel's old sentra bit the dust, or rather the waves in a flash flood and we're driving around his father's accord til he comes back next weekend - his father drives truck for the yuengling brewery. [yuengling is american beer, though you wouldn't know it by the name.]

after joel went to work, i went swimming in the complex's pool. the water was blissful and slightly warm. i swam my behind off until the pool started to fill with children. cute, but much too splashy. as i dried, i looked out over the pond behind the swimming area and watched the turtles, tortoises, ducks and bass [i think] swim around. the fish chased each other away from the shallows and the different creatures didn't really acknowledge the others' presence. they just coexisted, gobbling bugs and minnows. some of the kids came over to watch the animals with me and i would point out the tortoises as they approached from the deeper water.

i came home, had lunch and did some laundry.

i've been doing a lot of thinking about how i leave the country, yet can still manage to be embroiled in family warring. this time, i am kind of glad to be, but it is still eating at me a bit. i keep checking my email for the latest news from my mother. i wonder how this will develop now that i've spoken my piece, but i'm glad to finally have it out there as it's stayed with me for about 13 years now.

this reminds me. i heard from some people in my family when i visited for my aunt's wedding that they "enjoyed my website". i had no idea most of you were reading this, so you know, you can say hello when you read. you don't have to post as anonymous, you can fill in a name to go with your comment without having an account. just a thought, guys. i don't usually write this thinking anyone in particular is reading it, so if you do, let me know.

also. i have to say if the season premiere is any indication, we are in for a lot of fun this season on the office. i think ed helms is a great edition to the cast - i loved his reaction to the calculator in the jello. that and jim's look at the camera as this was going on. dwight trying to kiss oscar nearly killed me. and roy bringing the wedding dinners to pam was hilarious. roy looks pretty good with a beard - god! that mug shot! i peed a little, i swear. i'm telling you, if you do not watch this show, you are missing out big time.

anyways, my husband is gonna be home from work soon and i am watching my most beloved movie - the afore-posted royal tenenbaums - so i should head out. i promised i would have a salad assembled and a grill set up by the time joel got home.


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