Thursday, September 21, 2006

i'm the luckiest girl there is!

last night, before the raconteurs show i met none other than mr. jack white!

amazing. i was utterly starstruck. and best of all, he didn't have horrible rat 'stache. he stood there playing with his hair and i pretty much stood there staring like an idiot while he signed my poster. not a clever witty thing came to me.

i kinda wish once he handed me back the poster that i had said, "and that was all that i needed." ahahaha. but instead i just smiled and said "thank you. very much."

i did meet the rest of the raconteurs as well. they were very nice guys. patrick walked right up to us and started talking and signing our posters. he was incredibly genial. brendan benson was funny and cracked a joke with joel about his last solo album. and the other jack was totally quiet and sweet.

we weren't able to get pictures with the guys, but did pose with the band in a group photo. we met them along with some contest winners from a radio station in gainesville. this nice girl from that station promised to mail the photo, so i'll post it when i get it.

we watched the show from the VIP balcony in big cushy leather chairs after a comped dinner with some radio people and the raconteurs' label rep, amy. she was super nice. the set was amazing, they played the entire record and peppered the set with covers. some were recognizable - like the incredible cover of nancy sinatra's "bang bang" - and some i just listened to not knowing what they were and not caring. i was very very impressed.

i could totally get used this, but will try not to. *LOL* don't wanna take moments like that for granted at all.

oh, and btw, my husband knew the entire time that i was going to meet jack and kept it a secret! i was surprised as hell. i love him!!!


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