Thursday, September 28, 2006

Electrified by the Six! more photos and a review! [State Theatre 27.09.06]

What can I say about Electric Six? They're the Diane Court of rock bands - shouting "Hey,world, check ME out!" I want to tell their dad that I have no real plans other than to follow them around and maybe do some kickboxing from the crowd while he rots in jail!

I arrived at this show with a great sense of excitement. I had never seen Electric Six, save for a few photographs, and wasn't really sure what to expect. What would their stage persona be like? Would I enjoy them live? Would I get a case of sonic-induced diarrhea and be forced to run through the crowd clutching my behind? I had no idea.

I got in just as the first opener Blue Van was smashing out the end of their set. Literally. I think I might have missed something great there.
I milled around a bit while the next band set up, stopping by the merch booth to pick up some free stickers and check the selection and gushed to the merch girl about how excited I was about the show. Yes, I'm the ultimate in nerd technology, kids. I won't get too much into the next band, Aberdeen City, yet as I have some pictures of them, so I'll give them their own entry. Besides, I haven't barely said anything about Electric Six yet.
After Aberdeen City's stellar set, I was about ready to burst. As the lights dimmed, I could see the band standing to the edge of the stage, a bunch of sharp dressed men fresh from the store, with more fire - ready to start nuclear war on my dancefloor. I set my beer on the edge of the stage after one large gulp and started dancing! This show was one of the best times I have had at a show. I have to admit I was a little confused at first by the antics of singer Dick Valentine. I didn't know what to make of him as he stood there with a slightly awkward smile on his face. At first, with that smile, he bore a passing resemblance to an autistic child I used to babysit - which let's face it, brought up some pretty awkward feelings. Looking rumpled and tired, he gave off that worn down lounge singer vibe, but as Dick warmed up to the crowd and the stage, he began to move and dance and even do his own little aerobic routine complete with push-ups, sit-ups and leg lifts! Perhaps our Dance Commander is actually a closet Fitness Instructor?
The band was incredibly tight and sounded impressive live. I danced my ass off like a frenzied muppet, complete with thrashing limbs and waving hair. The Six mostly stayed faithful to their material, peppering the set here and there with enjoyable drum solos and guitar noodling, Dick enticing the crowd to enjoy the work of their Sarasota-bred drummer on more than one occasion! It was interesting that nary a word was heard from these fellows aside from backing vocals. They seemed content to let Mr. Valentine command the crowd.
Being a canadian girl, I am always amused when bands start getting into political territory and dive into Bush-bashing. It's cool, it's trendy and always a crowd pleaser. However, when you actually listen to a song like "Rock and Roll Evacuation", you can hear the tongue in cheek stance the Six take on this kind of torch waving, warning us "You can play your electric guitar but it ain’t gonna change the world.". We can rant all we want from the stage, but talk is cheap.
Highlights of the set were "Night Vision" [a new favorite of mine off their latest record, Switzerland], "Improper Dancing", "Devil Nights", and cult hit "Gay Bar" - before which Dick unsuccessfully lobbied the crowd to rush the balcony. After trying to sway the people with a deadpan plea that Jesus would agree it would help us get into heaven by assisting the band, he admitted that both the kids flooding the balcony and Jesus himself were fire hazards. Believe me, this banter was much funnier when delivered by Mr. Valentine.

The night was brought to a close by way of a three-song encore fittingly capped with "Dance Commander" - a favorite staple of mine for mixed CDs. I danced my final dance under the orders of Valentine and his troop of commanders, soaking in the last moments of a show that exceeded my hazy expectations by taking the crowd from golf claps to dance epidemic. I left feeling sweaty, sexy and very very satisfied. I look forward to seeing you in the future, boys.


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