Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the long and short of it.

so what's up, kids?

things have been going well and life is starting to look mighty interesting.

take a step backwards to my last blog recounting the helivs show june third. helvis is also on myspace, as am i - ever the web junkie - i left them a comment pointing them in the direction of said blog thinking they'd get a kick out of it. i'm pleased to report that they did. i got a mail asking if they could use my photos and what i wrote about the show on their website. i happily agreed. so if you check the press section on helvis.ca, my review appears. darryl, check out the shout out. i haven't seen my pics yet, but i haven't checked in a few days.

[and some say down in cowtown that the kristy's ego grew two sizes larger that day. ha ha.]

had my first real dress fitting and it went very well. i was skeptical at first about having a dress made, but i am very pleased so far. it just needs sleeves, a zipper, a hemjob and the waist needs its trim. the entire bodice and skirt are complete [sans zipper and hem, of course] and the fit is very flattering. this is definitely "the dress". i can't wait to go back for my next fitting [it's on thursday]. having made a choice about it finally and having seen positive results i feel so much more psyched for the wedding.

yes, i did say psyched.

speaking of which, today i bought my ticket to rome. i am officially going to europe for ten days this summer. this is going to be one hell of a good summer. getting married, visiting my grandparents, going to europe, going to my aunt's wedding and then finally moving to florida. it just feels like everything is lining up. good things are happening.

and not just for me. two of my cousins and one of joel's have started families, one cousin has just graduated from highschool, joel seems to be a front runner for a full-time radio gig which he has wanted forever, my mom's taking a relaxing mini-break after school and before finding a job that is allowing her to come to my wedding, everyone's in good health and seems to be pretty happy.

it's really fucking nice for a change.

it's amazing how mellowing listening to the flaming lips can be. i'm a total indie kid cliche right now. awesome. but fuck it, i just remembered i bought some nutella which i haven't eaten in ages and reminds me of my grandma's house. i'm totally gonna snag some and savour the memories. you are all so jealous.

if you can find the taschen edition book of andre de dienes' photos of marilyn monroe, purchase it. he took some of the best photos of marilyn i've ever seen. eat that, milton greene [just kiddin' miltie, yours were pretty sweet too. you know who loves ya.] the sequences of her on the beach were amazing, and i am in love with this one of her as "gemini" that appears as a test shot version towards the end. nobody realizes that at the beginning of her career as a blonde [circa love happy], marilyn had very long hair. it was a very different but very nice look for her.

ooh. i sound like such a biographer nerd there. i'm a fan.

the only thing about the book is that it includes a lot of personal stories that de dienes tells about his times with marilyn, some of them pretty questionable and a little weird - he apparently consulted with a friend who was a psychic in regards to marilyn and she apparently agreed to marry him and they were engaged for some time. but it reminds me too much of another yahoo i read about in a few of her biographies, a guy named robert slatzer who claims he married her in a quickie marriage in mexico which was followed by a similarly quick divorce a few days later. it turned out to be a steaming pile of garbage.

not doing too much to diminish that nerditude yet, i see.

anyways, long story short good book. get yer paws on it.

wait, wasn't i talking nutella a minute ago? cripes, why am i babbling about this shit? i'm out kids. goodnight to each and every one.


Blogger lifeindeadtime said...

Without getting too mushy, I'm looking forward to seeing you in that dress.

Let's not count our chickens about that job opening just yet.

5:48 PM  

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