Wednesday, June 07, 2006

helvis @ the palomino 03.06.06. - "!" cd release party.

this show was fantastic. i had missed helvis the last couple of times they played, but this time was front and center. i had my elvis shirt on [left over from my halloween costume - zombie elvis!!] and my dancing shoes as well.

i gotta hand it to these guys, they put on one hell of a show. when we booked outta there, it was 2am and they were still giving it all they had. i wonder how long the show went on after we grabbed a cab...

i also have to say i enjoy the palomino as a venue. it's small but that works in its favor. the vibe may have been small and intimate [and also sweaty], but my ears still rang like they do after a stadium concert - maybe even worse.

but it was a price worth paying, helvis did not disappoint. my only complaint? they did not play "who wants a hot dog?" with the ceremonial hotdogs handed out to the audience nor was there the ceremonial handing out of elvis scarves to the ladies [yes, i like the word ceremonial and am an unoriginal bastard!]. i had one from the first show, but i think i got carried away and gave it to someone when i was a drunk zombie elvis this halloween [darryl, i'm looking in your direction!] and was hoping for a replacement. but hey, i take it in stride, if every show was exactly the same you'd only need one show to capture the helvis spirit and thankfully this was not the case on saturday.

i was dancin' til the sweat was drippin'. it was a very fun night.

for more on helvis, visit and if you're ever at the palomino, try the sangria and watch out for the peanut shells!


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