Monday, May 29, 2006

this and that and that and this.

heard john k. is coming to canada. i tried to pump his blog for info, but so far have come up empty handed. i'll let you know if i find out that he's coming to calgary - i will not let this become another angus oblong incident!*

speaking of angus, i went back to the gallery and bought one of his drawings - one of creepy susie. jim says they'll have more books in soon. i now have 3 of his books as i picked up a copy of flatulent flavio. i really should pop back in and see if they have any copies left of janet's butt. i gave the copy i bought to kat as a birthday gift and i really should have one of my own.

if you are a big loser and have never heard of angus oblong and would like to see a sample of his work, check this out! he's wonderfully warped and delicious. it's a travesty his series didn't last longer.

kat and i had a good time at the lilac festival today. i bought a new bag [nightmare before christmas], a new necklace and some new art. i bought the art at a sudanese art booth, it's very simple and colorful. we had a great time but i'm glad we left when we did. it started to get really crowded. if i was poor, i totally would raid the lilac festival for the free eats alone. i got some clodhoppers, a bag of sun chips, and a granola bar handed to me free of charge by some corporate shills. they were also handing out kettle corn samples. it was carnival food to the max.

i saw a few peeps i knew - meg, ashley and katie's sister whose name i have most gracelessly forgotten.

good times.

a state of panic is building as it is 25 days until vegas and i still haven't even a lead on a wedding day outfit/dress/potato sack. i thoroughly loathe my body everytime i try something on and it's showing it returns my feelings by behaving in strange ways such as throwing random immediate bouts of strong nausea my way, my skin exploding in the most wretched pimples known to man [though, thankfully, that seems to be on the decline now...] and a left leg that is producing such pain i was limping at one point tonight.

i think all the stress and anxiety over this blessed little day is taking its toll. my sister asked me about how i felt about getting married and i just didn't have an answer. or rather, my answer was that i thought of this day in terms of what still had to be done rather than the actual event itself. if i was having second thoughts i would take that response as a major red flag, but since i'm not, i didn't think much of it. i think it's kind of normal to be a little detail oriented at this stage as it's getting closer to the day and i just want things to go smoothly because of how important this is to me.

i have narrowed down my choices for ring engraving. i'm down to two. i'm not telling what they are, obviously as joel reads this and i think i'd rather keep it secret. i just think of it as something precious and secret we can carry with us always.

i'm exhausted and hungry. i don't really want to eat right now seeing as its 11:30 in the pm.

underneath this blog there are some entertainment world updates. amusing little tidbits for your enjoyement and happy news for gwen and gavin. at first i didn't like it, but their kid's name has grown on me. it might be eccentric, but it's nothing crazy like the shit some other celeb babies are stuck with. the poor thing could have been named phinneas or moses or pilot inspector [sorry, jason, but i don't what you were smoking when you came up with that one.]

anyways, aside from the footnote below, i think i'm done for now. it's been a while since a good proper update so there you have it. now kindly bugger off until next time.

much love.

*still pissed, but i totally missed out on angus oblong's appearance at the quab gallery due to shoddy advertising on the part of a little local free paper you might now as FFWD - they completely fucked the dog, kids. the event was on a thursday and they didn't fucking advertise that shit until the day of the event so only the hardest of core knew about it which sadly, though i love angus to the moon, did not include me. there was weeping and gnashing of teeth to be sure. jim, the fellow who works in the gallery told me they even reneged on an agreement to do a "big interview" with angus and make all my dreams come true. i hate you FFWD. :( but joy of joys, the gallery signed angus as a permanent artist so his stuff will be more frequently available. hooray quab gallery, you are my new heroes!


Blogger Declan McManus said...

moses is an awesome name!
you shut up!

3:01 PM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

moses can eat my poo.

1:20 AM  
Blogger lifeindeadtime said...

how self-indulgent is it to name your child after one of your own songs? seriously.

12:00 PM  

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