Tuesday, March 14, 2006

our lives are parallel

i woke up from a strange dream in which no matter how much i went to the bathroom, i still had to go. i was stopping in all these places, using differently decorated bathrooms, all to no avail. still had to pee.

now tell me what that means.

i've been searching through websites to try and choose a chapel in which to married in vegas. all i can say is TOO MUCH CHOICE. god, you can be married in helicopters and limos by elvis, dracula, captain kirk, jerry garcia - you name it, they have it. though for all their star trek weddings, i have yet to see a star wars wedding. then again, i suppose being married by chewbacca would be a little confusing unless you speak wookie. that, and most brides would likely ditch their man to wed han solo. mmmmm han solo.

anyways, young harrison ford aside, i think i most like the outdoor gazebo weddings as long as they're performed at night - the pictures of the gazebos all lit up in the dark look really nice. i think i'll ask my mom what she thinks, because she's very excited and i think she would like to give me some input.

i downloaded the new yeah yeah yeahs album and i gotta say i love it. i burned it. it hasn't left my discman except to play in the livingroom stereo. it's a bit of a departure from their last album, but it's good. i think it's their rumours. it has this vaguely 70's feel and in places recalls influences as diverse as the latest queens of the stone age album and ll cool j - oh you think i'm joking, but i'm not. it's insane and gorgeous and i can't wait to buy it. tracks of interest include "way out", "honeybear", and "gold lion".

yes, that's right. if i really like an artist, respect their work and they put out quality material, and i can find it, i will buy it! take that, record companies!

also, please check out the band voxtrot. they have this beautiful dreamy sound that's not to be missed. very light and jangly, indie movie soundtrack type stuff. their raised by wolves ep is great. i have a feeling these guys are going to blow up.

p.s. that "fruit solutions" juice is not good. strawberry banana orange poop. it's too tart, just wrong.

i got all my time off nailed down for my next trip to see joel. i'll be gone april 4-12th. back to work on the 13th. we're going to chill out and relax, shop for our wedding rings and finalize our plans as to where we're going to stay and have the ceremony. i'm really excited to see him again. he's been talking about coming up for a visit to calgary for september or october, so hopefully this becomes reality and you guys get to finally meet him. he's a doll.

anyways, time to throw my smelly ass in the shower and get on my way to presentability. love you, kids.


Blogger Declan McManus said...

you just be watchin' whatchu be sayin' about strawberry orange banana juice. it's my favorite.

12:20 PM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

normally i would agree, but thi juice is wrong! wrong i tell you.

12:35 PM  

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