Friday, March 03, 2006

impatience is a virtue

okay, so the legal thing is virtually complete. just have to talk to my lawyer and send in the release and voila - money will appear in my bank account. you'd think i would be happier. i'm sure in time i will be.

talked to my parents last night, and it looks like in june, joel and i will be getting hitched in Vegas. joel just ash to figure out when he can get some time off work, and then we start planning. we're looking at a package to stay in the hotel that's fake paris. it's a four star hotel and we figure, when in vegas, best to pile on the cheese. we might even get married by an elvis, but i'm still iffy about that.

god, i can't wait to swim in the tackiness that is the Vegas. i've only been in the airport on layovers on the way home from visiting joel. i have always had a thing for vegas, and i'm not sure why. i think it's the mixture of swanky, tacky and seedy that just makes it alluring. i used to have dreams about the place regularly.

once i was on a plane with a bunch of flying elvises - or would you call them elvi? - going to do a jump for the opening of a hard rock casino in tampa. that was pretty interesting. they were all fairly normal looking fellows too. the one next to me was in the business of building pools.

anyways, joel's going to bounce the idea of his parents and see what they think, but they've never been, so hopefully they'll be on board.

i just can't wait!


Blogger Mrs Mathers said...

Thats fucking awesome!!! A vegas wedding :) :) You should totally do the drive through wedding, that way you dont even have to get out of your car... Im so happy for you. congrats.

2:14 PM  
Blogger FlashyG said...

That is truly exciting Kristy. I am happy for you. Wedding in vegas, that's pretty fuckin cool. It's like sitcom tv!

On the settlement issue, all I can say is at least it's over.

11:58 PM  

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