Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the falling price of pain

so, i don't think i can go any longer without talking about how things are going in the legal arena.
it's bad, kids, real bad.

basically, i've been backed into a horrendous corner by the insurance company through the testimony of the driver's friends who were there that night. it's basically ten against one and if we take this to trial, it's going to be a jury trial. and anyone who's watched any legal drama knows jury cases are less about the truth and more about swaying opinion.

so, that being said, my options are put everything on the roulette wheel and spin it in court or take an insultingly low figure that is about a quarter of what this case is actually worth.
my lawyers are infuriating me with their "aw shucks, sometimes this happens and everything turns and it's a real shame." attitude. so, because i don't want to end up with nothing after six years, i am going to accept this offer - but before i settle, i asked to see a fully itemized bill so i know where my paltry little sum is going and why once the lawyers start dipping their little hands into it. well, while i'm at work, my lawyer's secretary calls me up and says "we have something in the way of a bill for you, but your lawyer wants to talk to you before you see it."

oh, wrong answer motherfuckers.

i tried to explain that i wanted something i could look at while we went over the numbers. ever since my mediation, my brain has been shot to shit, i've been on an emotional rollercoaster through hell and i just feel like i've been jerked around like crazy. my lawyer can't seem to get straight the date the insurance company's offer comes off the table, so why would i feel and cozuy and secure with what he's telling me on the phone without something in front of me to reference and ask questions about???

still she said she didn't feel comfortable giving to me the bill until he'd talked to me and the only time i can talk to him is when i'm at work which makes me look so good in the eyes of my employers - as if the walking around with red puffy eyes and constantly being on the verge of tears was helping.

i have so much anger in me right now and no way to express it.

so now i have to call them while at work today and see how much more i get jerked around over the numbers.


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Blogger rebelbarbie said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again. the only lawyer you can trust is a jewish lawyer.

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Blogger Declan McManus said...

amen, sistah!

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