Sunday, October 08, 2006

drive-thru life.

this weekend left me feeling a little cold. i was the first person to leave my own birthday party. i went home and was sick at 6 am from drinking 4 crummy beers. though, it was nice to see some new faces i must say. hopefully i will see them more often.

we had a nice dinner on saturday with joel's brother aaron and their mom. it was aaron's birthday on saturday and mine on thursday. we got a cake with both our names on it and i got the office season two from joel's mom and scrubs season one from aaron. sadly, i already have the scrubs dvd, but aaron gave me the reciept so i can trade it. [season 4 comes out on tuesday, so i'll just grab that i think.] i was just so impressed that he found something so absolutely up my alley considering we'd only met once before joel and i got married. very impressive indeed.

i am really starting to feel homesickness set in. i really miss my own space, my own things, my old friends, my room, my everything. i really had myself convinced this move was gonna be cakewalk city and it's really beginning to feel like not.

fortunately my yo-yo moods are being tolerated well by my husband. i was not feeling well and in an awful shitty mood on saturday night. we left the SMA show really early because i went spastic from feeling ill. combination of hangover and mild migraine [being at a rock show with earplugs in irritated me to no end, and all the swirling lights made me feel like i was losing equilibrium.] and just not wanting to be there. i felt terrible and wish i had sent joel without me because i know he was looking forward to it, but i just couldn't get it together. it was a lot of walking around and shaking hands, smiling and being polite when inside i really wanted to be in bed instead of meeting a bunch of strangers who just kind of stood there and looked at me while they talked to joel. if i had to say "nice to meet you" or some variety thereof one more time i was likely to explode. so we left.

i have to figure out how to make that one up because i know a lot people were looking forward to meeting me, but i badly wanted to cop out of a horrible first impression.

it's just been a big pile of crummy lately, but i found out this morning that the yeah yeah yeahs are playing a myspace sponsored secret show at the state theatre this wednesday which gives me something very nice to look forward to. i was so bummed we weren't going to be able to make their show in orlando on the 13th [for a good reason, though!] and now i'm likely to get to see them after all! yay! i say likely because it's a free all ages show and is on a first come, first served kinda basis. however, the line doesn't start til 5pm in accordance with the show's rules, so that helps. keeping my fingers crossed because that would be AMAZING.

my jenny lewis tickets came in the mail. so far, my glasses have not. i am super pissed about this seeing as they were shipped almost two weeks ago now and they were still in customs last i heard. fuck shit piss. my head is very angry with me for this. i still can't believe i left them in calgary - of all the fucking things to forget.

did a three hour days of our lives marathon tonight. the show is really laying the emotion on thick this week, but at least it keeps it interesting.

i don't really have anything important to say. i'm almost writing just because i've neglected it for two days.


Anonymous Rita said...

PS Love your hair in the photo above my love!
See you tonight!

11:24 AM  

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