Wednesday, April 05, 2006

florida: day one

eff blogger. it is not letting me post some of the awesome pics i took tonight.

today was extremely productive. we bought our wedding bands, booked our chapel and our hotel room and flights [well not mine yet, cause we have some things to confirm, but we're doing that tomorrow] and we went and bought joel's bday present - a new video ipod.

also, we went to see the band morningwood which was really a pretty neat show. when blogger stops being a jackass i will show you some of the radness.

their singer looks like a curvy pre-nose job jennifer grey. she was a doll. we went by the station to pick up the faxed contracts for the chapel at the luxor and chantal and pablo from the band just happened to be there. when we told them why we had come by chantal mentioned she was a reverend and wanted to marry us. we laughed and politely declined, but when we saw her after the show, she signed our cds with inscriptions about wanting to perform our ceremony. it was funny. our pics with her were fantastic. if only blogger would stop licking cooch and let me post them.

after that, we went to walmart and bought some bananas - no i am not lying - and some other junk and then came home.

joel is currently futzing with his ipod, the lucky bastard. i'm gonna have to break down and buy one when i get home i think.

anyways, i'm tired and sweaty and have a headache so i'm gonna stop staring at this bright screen. miss you guys.


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