Monday, April 03, 2006

i think the laundry might be done! sweet jesus!

chocolate milk is the nectar of the gods.

i have heartburn.

damn, this weekend was fun but sucked the life out of me. it's 11:57 and i am bloody exhausted.

i did have a good time though. meeting samuel screech powers was wicked. even more wicked that he talked to me during his act. i'm not going to recount the story again as i've told it drunkenly like 14 times. i need to get a frame for the autographed head shot i have.

i feel gross. i burped and it tasted like rancid tomato sauce.

the new building for work is actually pretty badass.

think i'm going to try to get up early and go shopping tomorrow. still badly want to hit up blame betty. i want something cute to wear when we go out for sushi.

if my laundry is done this is goodnight, my loves.

yep. goodnight.


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