Wednesday, February 15, 2006

welcome to vancouver, would you like your complimentary ass-raping now or later?

up until now i have been avoiding talking about my mediation and the utter disaster that it was.

right now my lawyer is trying to get me as much money as he possibly can.

i'll be lucky if i get a quarter of what the case is actually worth.

but, c'est la vie. the world is out to eat your soul every time, kids.

at least if this ends soon i'll be able to finally marry joel and move the fuck on with my life and put this utter bullshit behind me for good. it's just too bad the fucker who put me in this position will have had a victory over me after all.

t.a.n., i hope you rot in hell, you vile fucking piece of shit.


Blogger Declan McManus said...

yeah!! eat it t.a.n.!

12:17 AM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

well, i didn't want to actually utter his WHOLE name. it could be like beetlejuice and if i say it three times he'll show up in an ugly striped suit and try to feed me to some sandworms.

i don't want that shit, yo. have you ever tried to fight a sandworm before?

12:59 AM  
Blogger Declan McManus said...

only twice.

12:48 PM  
Blogger rebelbarbie said...

so that explain that stump you have instead of an arm. i gots respect for that.

1:21 PM  

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