Tuesday, March 28, 2006

this is not an emo entry.

i'm starting to get really excited. it's now officially one week til i get to see joel!

he's going to take me to the dali museum again this trip. i can't wait because they have added a new exhibit since we last went.

i'm probably going to end up going to two concerts while i'm there.

friday, my roommates and i are going to see dustin diamond do stand up. that's right kids, samuel "screech" powers himself.

today i bought some records and plan to scour the store i bought them in this saturday to see if i can find some more gems. i now own steve martin's wild and crazy guy album.

i actually got vto for the first time in a million years tonight at 8pm. came home and watched a movie with the roommates and looked online for wedding bands. wasn't very successful in searching specifically in the tampa area - not a lot of stores have websites.

things are actually looking pretty good today. three more days of work and i get to go get my hair done on friday! i'm totally looking forward to it. i'm getting color and a cut.

i really have nothing to complain about now other than being sleepy. awesome.


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